The City of New York is the business capital of the world, and businesses operating in any of its boroughs, especially the dynamic and diverse Brooklyn, must remain competitive to survive. But that can put you at odds with certain people and put a strain on things like your business partnerships.

No matter the challenges you face, an experienced and knowledgeable commercial litigation lawyer will act as a trusted resource and partner in your business’s success. Whether your business is small and just starting out or a Brooklyn staple that’s been operating for years, the team of commercial litigation attorneys at Levy Goldenberg, LLP, is here to help you succeed. Contact us today to learn more about business law and schedule a consultation.

Comprehensive Representation in Brooklyn Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation refers to the process of resolving any dispute that involves your business and another party. It begins when either your business files suit against another party, or vice-versa. 

In Brooklyn, some common reasons why these suits arise include the following:

  • Contract disputes with vendors and other businesses
  • Employee hiring, discipline, and firing
  • Civil wrongs and torts involving your business
  • Divorce involving business owners
  • Shareholder lawsuits

Brooklyn businesses of any size can quickly and easily become involved in business disputes. But what sets successful companies apart from those that suffer and struggle in such moments is the quality of their legal representation. 

Stages of Commercial Litigation in Brooklyn

No matter the dispute, when a lawsuit is filed, it will go through the same general stages in the legal process, which are as follows:

Initial Pleadings

The party who files the lawsuit is called the plaintiff, and the party defending against the lawsuit is the defendant or respondent. Both parties will have initial paperwork that must be properly filed to assert their respective claims and rights. Failing to assert your legal claims or defenses properly and timely can negatively end your litigation even in such an early stage in the process.


As your case progresses, you and the opposing party will gather and exchange evidence in a process called discovery. This stage is intended to help each party understand the evidence and witnesses the other side plans to use to support its claims. 

However, significant legal rights can be waived or given up through careless disclosures in the discovery phase. Moreover, proceeding carelessly through discovery can leave you at a disadvantage when preparing for later stages of litigation.

Thankfully, the team of attorneys at Levy Goldenberg, LLP, is here to professionally guide you in complying with your discovery obligations while helping you build the strongest case possible.

Settlement Negotiations

As your business dispute develops, you and the other party may engage in settlement talks to resolve it ahead of a trial. 

It is here where the experience and wisdom of a Brooklyn commercial litigation lawyer are especially valuable. Settlement negotiations are typically fraught with stress and short tempers, which means you can end up agreeing to terms that are not in your business’s interests if you do not have a trusted advisor and advocate on your side.


If your dispute is not resolved through a settlement or some other alternative dispute resolution method (like mediation), it will proceed to trial. 

When you enlist the help of Levy Goldenberg’s commercial litigation team, you are in experienced hands. Our attorneys are talented and able to present even the most complex legal situations in ways that are clear and understandable for judges and juries alike.

Potential Outcomes of Commercial Litigation

While providing compensation for monetary damages can be ordered or agreed upon in commercial litigation, your business faces other potential consequences by undergoing the litigation process, such as:

  • Fines: Penalties for violating laws and regulations
  • Liquidated Damages: A monetary award given when the other party is in breach of a contract the two parties signed at the start of their partnership
  • Punitive Damages: These punish a party that commits an egregious wrong
  • Injunctions: Prohibit you from engaging in certain conduct or direct you to take certain actions

Despite these particular consequences, the final outcome of your commercial dispute cannot be measured solely in dollars and cents. That is why Levy Goldenberg and your Brooklyn litigation lawyer will use their resources and skills to help keep your business operating smoothly throughout the litigation process.

Your Brooklyn Commercial Litigation Lawyer With Levy Goldenberg Is Available Now

Whatever business dispute confronts your business, a Brooklyn commercial litigation attorney from Levy Goldenberg, LLP, is more than capable of addressing it. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and we will show you how our firm and its assets can be leveraged to help you successfully meet your commercial litigation needs.