Claudia Mumic


Claudia Mumic is an attorney licensed in Brazil who recently moved to New York City to further her legal career on the World’s stage.  After receiving her Master of Laws degree from Brooklyn Law School, Claudia worked at two other New York City law firms to gain experience as a litigator while also awaiting licensure to practice within New York State.  For our clients from Latin America, Claudia now provides the Firm with an essential link between cultures and concerns. 

Claudia is also a member of the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce and the New York City Bar Association. While attending law school at Libertas Faculdades Integradas in Brazil, Claudia worked as a Chamber Clerk at the Federal Court of the State of Minas Gerais, and as a Legal Intern at the State Court of Minas Gerais, County of Sao Sebastiao do Paraiso.  After receiving her Juris Doctorate, Claudia worked for a Brazilian law firm providing legal services in the areas of Labor Law, Social Security and Commercial Law.

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