Business is the lifeblood of New York City. Successful companies thrive when they build relationships with customers and other businesses. When these relationships fall apart, though, business owners in Queens may need the help of a commercial litigation attorney from Levy Goldenberg LLP.

Our team has decades of experience helping Queens business owners work through disputes that could harm their companies. If you are a business owner facing difficulties, contact our law firm as soon as possible to discuss your situation with a knowledgeable business litigation lawyer.

When You Need Representation

A good rule of thumb is to remember that a contract is a contract. When you sign one, you agree to fulfill the obligations detailed within it. And you rightfully expect the other party to fulfill their own obligations as well.

Nearly all disputes that require commercial litigation involve some type of breach of contract. While that usually means you have the right to end the contract, that doesn’t help if your business lost significant amounts of money due to the breach. In those circumstances, you need a commercial litigation attorney to help you recover that lost money.

These are the types of situations that typically require the help of a commercial litigation lawyer:

  • Breach of contract resulting in significant losses
  • Employees engaging in actions that harm your business relationships
  • Ex-employees violating nondisclosure or non-compete clauses of their contracts
  • Fraud or theft carried out by an employee or partner
  • Dissolving a business, especially if relations have grown frosty with a partner

When you are facing any of these types of situations, our team will provide you with the representation you need. We are equally comfortable representing you in mediation and arbitration as we are in administrative proceedings or at trial.

How a Commercial Litigation Lawyer Can Help

Commercial litigation is a multi-step process. It begins when you contact our law firm regarding an alleged breach of contract or other type of harm done to your business. When that happens, we’ll guide you through the process of getting compensation. Every case is different, but typically, it will involve the following steps:

Case Evaluation and Investigation

Before we take legal action, we need to determine what occurred and how we will prove it. This means that we will assign at least one commercial litigation attorney to read through the appropriate contracts and examine the details of the case. Once enough evidence has been collected, we can move forward.

Choosing a Legal Approach

Typically, there are three main ways to approach a case. We can negotiate a fair settlement with the party that wronged you, sue the other party, or take your claim before administrative proceedings in some circumstances.

We will discuss these options with you and explain the benefits and disadvantages of each. This will ensure that you can make an informed decision about how to approach the case.

Discovery, Depositions, and Hearings

With any luck, we can settle quickly using some form of negotiation. However, when that isn’t the case, we will need to pursue a more aggressive strategy to resolve the dispute in your favor.

With these strategies, we must share evidence with the other party and interview witnesses for the other side. Furthermore, we need to hash out the rules when engaging in arbitration or a trial. This usually involves multiple hearings, during which your commercial litigation lawyer will try to create the best set of rules to support your case.

Jury Selection

If your case is going to trial, it may be judged by a jury. Every commercial litigation attorney at Levy Goldenberg has experience selecting fair juries. Picking the right jury means understanding exactly what makes your case unique and what types of prejudices potential jury members might have.

Trial, Administrative Hearing, or Arbitration

This is part of the case that clients are usually most familiar with. And if we have done our job correctly in the previous steps, it is also the easiest step. We know what we intend to say, what evidence the other side will present, and how to frame the dispute. Our team has an exceptional record of getting good results for our clients.


Sometimes, no matter how much we prepare, the decision doesn’t go our way. That doesn’t mean we stop, though. We have extensive experience winning appeals. We will fight to the Supreme Court if needed. Our team never stops fighting for you until we have gotten the best results possible.

Contact Levy Goldenberg in Queens Immediately for Help With Commercial Litigation

A simple contract dispute can potentially cost your business hundreds of thousands. In the worst-case scenario, it can put you out of business. If you are playing fair, you deserve better.

The law firm of Levy Goldenberg has decades of experience helping Queens business owners get fair compensation after a business dispute. Contact our law firm today to schedule a consultation with a commercial litigation lawyer who understands your needs.